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Learn about ladybugs: house infestations, lots of pictures, facts like what they eat, biology: larvae, eggs, and life cycle, activities, more.

Whether you love them or hate them, you will find plenty of information about ladybugs. Explore 15 ladybug topics with over 100 pages packed full of ladybug information. Our ladybug pages contain articles written by "The Ladybug Lady" Lori Beth Robinson as well as containing ladybug links to sites all over the web for EVEN MORE information on ladybugs!

Get involved: Check out all the fun ladybug activities and coloring pages. Read fun facts to amaze your friends or learn about ladybug biology. All information is updated frequently!

Emerging from Sleep

When fall arrives...
So do millions of ladybugs.


Drawing of a ladybug

Why do they come into my home?

Find More Answers.

These ladybugs have different An adult ladybug.