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Golden Ladybug? Not exactly. It is a newly emerged ladybug.

Seven-spotted Ladybug emerging from its pupae.Seven-spotted Ladybug emerging from its pupae.
It takes half a day for the spots to show.

This is a newly emerged ladybug. Only a few minutes old, it is still wet and very vulnerable. The ladybug doesn't have its full coloration and the spots have not appeared yet. It takes several hours up to a day for the full transformation to occur. As the exoskeleton dries, the colors become bright and the spots/markings are more defined. The ladybug pumps blood (hemolymph) into the flight wings to expand and exercise them. It will be a while before the ladybug takes flight.

During this time, the ladybug must hide from predators.

Ladybugs - Adults

Emerging from pupa.